Aug 16

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Yogurt is one of the important chapters of Indian Cuisine. It is used in making curries, desserts, snacks and the possibilities are endless.
So learn this easy way of making yogurt ar home.

Ingredients –


  • Milk – 500 ml
  • Yogurt Starter or yogurt from previous batch – 1/2 Tbsp

Procedure :
Step 1 : Rest the yogurt starter from the previous batch on the countertop so that it gets to room temperature.
Step 2 : Boil the milk in a microwave safe container.
Step 3 : Take the milk out from the microwave when you see the milk has started to boil.
Step 4 : Rest the boiled milk till it comes to a temperature between 105F to 110F or when you touch it should be warm but not hot.
Step 5 : At this temperature add the yogurt starter and mix well it everything is blended very well.
Step 6 : Close the container and rest it in a warm place.
Step 7 : After 3 to 4 hours yogurt will be ready.
Step 8 : If you need sour yogurt you can rest this out even for a longer time.
Step 9 : Refrigerate this before using this way it will be nice thick and creamy.Enjoy!!!

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  1. usharani

    I have been following your website. It is very helpful in dishes I don’t know. By the way , what can be substituted for the yogurt starter if I don’t have yogurt starter. Can lime juice be used and what is the quantity.
    Thank you.

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